At SENTIO, we're obsessed with helping you hire the right people. To do so, we've developed a platform where you:

  1. Send the SENTIO assessment to your top performers.

  2. SENTIO learns their shared mental makeup characteristics.

  3. We compare all incoming candidates to that tailored benchmark.

According to our most recent case study, this process results in a 43% increase in 90-day retention rates, 37% reduction in screening time, and roughly $10,000 in turnover savings.

However, in an effort to get you started immediately (without needing to survey your top performers on the first day), every account starts with a preloaded "Starter Success Profile". This Success Profile is created with the data from hundreds of top performers in your industry.

30 days after activation, your Starter Success Profile will expire. We highly recommend that you invite your own top performers and replace the Starter Success Profile immediately. It is important that you measure candidates against your top-performing people to get the most impactful results on retention.

To invite top performers,

  1. Log into your SENTIO account at

  2. Press on the position (i.e. Caregiver Position or Crew Member Position).

  3. Across the top of the page, you will see tabs. Press "Build Success Profile".

  4. Enter the email, name, and (optional) custom email text. Once you press "send email invitation", your top performer will receive an email with the SENTIO survey. If they do not receive it, ask them to check their spam folders.

5. When the top performers complete the survey, delete the individual sample top performers by pressing the "+" sign next to their name and then pressing the "delete participant" button.

That's it! Now that you have created a SENTIO Success Profile, you can continue to make great hires.

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