SENTIO is a great way to augment your current hiring process and technologies. “Candidate sourcing” platforms like talentReef, Indeed and Snag are great solutions for finding people, but SENTIO is built specifically to make sure you hire the right ones. 

From our experience guiding our clients who utilize Hireology through their onboarding sessions, we've learned that putting the SENTIO survey link within an email template is the most effective way to implement SENTIO.

How to Create/Modify an Email Template in Hireology

You can easily create an email template within Hireology that you can send to applicants as they apply to your open position(s). Follow the steps outline below.

  1. Log in to your Hireology account

  2. Navigate to your name and click into the dropdown options

  3. Select the Settings option

  4. Click into the Email Templates tab

  5. Select Create New Email Template or modify an existing template that you utilize

  6. Give the email template a clear name, like SENTIO Hiring Survey

  7. Modify the text boxes (Sender, Subject Line, and Body Text) to fit the message you want to convey

  8. Insert your SENTIO survey as hyperlinked text

  9. Click Save Templates

Email Template Text

Subject Line: [Business Name] Application Received; Next Steps

Thank you for applying to [Business Name]. We have received your application. As the next step in our hiring process, please complete [this brief survey] so that we can get to know you better. We will contact you once we have received your survey submission.

[Business Name] Management Team

*hyperlink the words "this brief survey" with your survey link

To find your SENTIO survey link that you will insert into your Hireology email template as a hyperlink, you can follow the path outlined below.

  1. Log in to your SENTIO account at

  2. Click into Participants

  3. Navigate to the Analyze Candidates tab

  4. Copy the URL listed. If there is not already a URL listed, click Generate URL

  5. Bring your survey link back into your Hireology email template

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