SENTIO is a great way to augment your current hiring process and technologies. McHire is a great solution for getting applicants in, but SENTIO is built specifically to make sure you hire the right ones. With QSR’s averaging an annual turnover of 132%, it has never been more important to determine which applicants have the mental makeup to stay with you long term.

How to implement SENTIO with your McHire account.

#1 : Input the SENTIO survey link in the line of questioning Olivia will ask applicants
Set Up Steps: Settings > Advanced > Jobs > Select a Position > Edit > Screening > Add Question > Insert SENTIO Survey Link + text asking the applicant to take the survey > Save > Publish

#2: Olivia Asks Applicants to Take the SENTIO Survey
Applicants who go through the preliminary questions, like "Are you at least 16 years of age?", "Are you legally authorized to work in the U.S.?" and more will also receive the SENTIO survey.

#3: Review Applicants within SENTIO
Log in to your SENTIO platform at to access your applicants' scores and MMA reports.

#4: Access Applicants' Scores with SENTIO Boost
Another way to see how your applicants score is to download the SENTIO Boost Google Chrome extension. You can download the extension here

The next step is to select a candidate within McHire to review. Next, you will click the SENTIO Boost extension in your toolbar. If they have completed the survey, their SENTIO Score will appear next to their email.

#5 Make Great Hires
Using the SENTIO data paired with your interviews with applicants, you are equipped with the data needed to make great hires for your McDonald's location.

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