You’ve decided to re-engage your past applicant pool, congratulations! You’ll be able to quickly fill your talent pool without spending any extra money to attract new applicants. If you use Indeed to source candidates, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Click the Candidates Tab

From your main dashboard, click the candidates tab to see the list of your current and past applicants stored in your Indeed account.

From here, you can sort by Status of applicants. Options include the following: All (Excluding Rejected), Awaiting Review, Reviewed, Phone Screened, Interviewed, Offer Made, Rejected, and Hired. 

To move forward to the next step, we recommend choosing All (Excluding Rejected).

Step 2: Click the Checkbox Next to Candidates List

Once you’ve clicked the checkbox next to the title of Candidates, it will select all the candidates who meet the sorting criteria you selected in the previous step.

Step 3: Select the Send Message Button

Once you’ve elected to send your selected applicants a message, you can choose to use a template or draft a new email. We will move forward with drafting a new email and saving it as a template. 

To send a message, you will fill in the subject line and message copy. For those, we recommend the message below. 

Subject Line: [Company Name] Application

Message: Thank you for your application to [Company Name]. We’re looking to add a few great team members to our team. If you’re interested in [position name], please take this brief survey: [insert your SENTIO survey link].

After you have drafted your email, you can click the “Save as Template” button before sending the email. 

*Note that in your message template it will appear as though the SENTIO survey link is not a hyperlink. However, this is not the case. Hyperlinks do come across in clickable form to applicants.

Step 4: Send Email

Once you have drafted your email to include the SENTIO survey link and saved as a template, you simply need to send the message! From there, you can periodically check your SENTIO account to see completed surveys come through. Those who have submitted a survey are indicating that they are still interested in your position!

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