The SENTIO survey is a brief, three question survey that can be used at the beginning, middle, or end of the hiring process. We have included tips to engage applicants in taking the survey and how to utilize its results when extending offers to candidates.

Inviting Applicants to Take the Survey

“To be considered for [position name] at [company name], please take this brief, three-question survey: [survey link]”.

“To be considered for this position, please fill out this brief, mobile-friendly survey: [survey link]”.

After Someone has Applied

“You have been selected to move to the next stage in our hiring process! For further consideration, please complete this brief, three-question survey: [survey link]. We will contact you when we have received the results.”

“We appreciate you applying to work at [company name]. In an effort to learn more about you as a candidate, please complete this brief survey: [survey link]. We will contact you when we have received the results.”

Inviting Candidates to Interview 

“Thank you for taking the time to apply with Merry Maids! Based on your application and survey results, we can see that you would make a great addition to our team. 

Please respond with three times this week that work best for [a brief phone interview/an in person interview].”

“Thank you for applying to Merry Maids. Your application and survey results stood out to us and we would like to [schedule a phone interview/ invite you in for an interview]. 

Please respond with three times in the next week that are convenient for you. I will be sending an invitation once I receive your reply.”

Extending a Job Offer

“We enjoyed speaking with you and learning more about you in our recent interview. In addition, your survey results showed you share the same traits as our top employees, making you a great fit for the [company name] team. We would like to extend you an offer for the position of [position name]....”

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