SENTIO is a great way to augment your current hiring process and technologies. “Candidate sourcing” platforms like Indeed, Snag, and TalentReef are great solutions for finding people, but SENTIO is built specifically to make sure you hire the right ones. With turnover hovering around 100% in the hourly workforce, it has never been more important or difficult to determine which applicants have the mental makeup to stay with you long term. 

Here are two ways to add SENTIO to Indeed… and turn a mess of resumes into a great hire!

Create an Email Template & Contact Applicants as They Apply

Many applicant tracking and sourcing platforms send emails to candidates when they apply to your job posting. The “default” message is typically “thank you for applying to xyz…” but you have the ability to edit the email or create a new message template.

Below is an example: 

“We appreciate you applying to work here. In an effort to learn more about you as a candidate, please complete this brief survey: <survey link>. We will contact you when we have received the results.”

Indeed forces you to send a message in order to make it a template. So, to get started,

  1. Go to your Indeed account.

  2. Press the "candidates tab".

  3. Toggle a box for a candidate.

  4. Press "message candidates".

  5. Type in your message template. See above, "We appreciate..." as a rough outline/suggestion.

  6. Before pressing "Sending Separately", toggle the box next to "Save this Message as a Template".

  7. Name it "SENTIO".

  8. Press the blue "Save and Send" button.

Now, whenever you press on a candidate, you'll be able to press the "SENTIO" template and the message will auto-populate.

You Can Also Put Your Survey Link in the Job Description

Most of our customers post their assessment link inside job descriptions both in-store and online with language like “to be considered, please complete this survey”. The SENTIO survey also collects an applicant’s resume, email, and zip code so it’s a great way to capture a ton of data at first touch. 

To generate your assessment link, 

  1. Go to your position dashboard. 

  2. Press the “Analyze Candidates” tab. 

  3. Press “Generate URL”

  4. Copy and paste the URL into your job description. 


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