Feature Note; SENTIO's pre-composed emails will be sent from YOUR email, NOT the email tied to your SENTIO account. All pre-composed emails are just templates that appear in a new window. This allows you to add, delete, or edit at your discretion.

  1. Go to the candidate's MMA. 

  2. Press the "Email Participant" button on the right side of the screen. It's highlighted in yellow. 

  3. A drop down menu of 5 pre-composed emails will appear.

  4. Press "Reject Candidate". 

  5. A new window will appear from your email provider with the message below. Please add to it as you see fit. 

"Reject Candidate" 

Subject Line: Thank You For Applying


Thank you for taking the time to apply for our company. This message is to inform you that we will not be offering you the job. 

We wish you nothing but success in your future endeavors. 


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