SENTIO surveys are designed to elicit natural organic language. Our technology breaks down the survey responses into millions of data sets analyzing sentence components including, but not limited to, word choice, spacing, emoticons, syntax, emoticons, and punctuation. This science has been researched, trusted, and validated since its development in 1936, but it previously created too much data for pre-hire assessments. SENTIO applies its artificial intelligence to compute and report all of this information instantly. 

The SENTIO survey typically attracts between 400 and 600 words per candidate. It, however, only needs 100 words to create a report. Candidates cannot submit the survey until all questions are completed and the responses total 100 words.  With nine open-ended questions like “Describe a time your team solved a difficult and complex problem?” it’s difficult to imagine a candidate falling short, but it does happen time to time. 

The SENTIO science is as effective on 100 words as 500. It is possible, however, that individuals that submit less than 150 words did not take adequate time or focus to complete the survey. This non-organic and abbreviate language results in slightly less accurate results than surveys with more thought. 

It is more common to find employees to submit less than 200 words than candidates. Those looking for work rarely blow off a mandatory employee test! We recommend that you explain to your team why they are completing the test so they take the survey seriously and put their best foot forward. 

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