The easiest way to connect SENTIO with Linkedin is SENTIO Boost! If you don't use Google Chrome, please follow the instructions below. 

You can export candidate lists from Linkedin manually and import them into SENTIO. 

  1. Go to your LinkedIn page. 

  2. Export Your Candidates into a CSV. (as seen above) 

  3. Sign into your SENTIO Account.

  4. Go to the appropriate Success Profile. 

  5. Press "Invite Candidates".

  6. Scroll down to "Invite Many". 

  7. Upload your CSV file into SENTIO.

  8. (Optional) Add custom text to the SENTIO participant email. We recommend adding something about their application to Indeed. 

  9. Press "Send Email Invitations".

Each candidate will be sent an email containing a unique encrypted survey link. Once they complete the survey, their data will appear on your SENTIO dashboard.

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