SENTIO set out to make pre-hire assessments available and affordable for every position within every organization. We understand no two organizations are run the same. This includes the language spoken around the office! 

The SENTIO Survey, at this time, can be completed in 5 languages. 

  • English

  • Spanish 

  • Arabic

  • Japanese 

  • Korean

Here is how the SENTIO Survey works in different languages;

  • The SENTIO Survey questions will always read in English.

  • All SENTIO Reports will be generated in English for the hiring manager.

  • All participants should take the SENTIO survey in their 1st language.

  • A single Success Profile can be built from Top Performers of multiple languages.

  • Candidates can complete the survey in any of the 5 languages. The Success Profile language does not need to match the candidates language.

  • The automated email inviting the candidates to take the survey will always be in English. Regardless of candidates preferred language 

A few examples;

If you have two position top performers and one’s first language is English and the other's, Spanish. No problem, have them fill out their survey in their first language, SENTIO will pull their data and compile it into one Success Profile.

Have a strong Success Profile for your sales team in Los Angeles but hiring for a new location in Tokyo? Simply, have your candidates complete the survey in Japanese and let the SENTIO tech neatly compile their data into English read reports for your review.

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