Here are a few points that will be sure to get your bosses attention!

  1. SENTIO has made pre-hire assessments available and affordable for all positions within all organizations. Every organization deserves access to a pre-hire assessment. More HERE

  2. SENTIO does not presume to know what defines success at your company. SENTIO, determines the shared mental make-up characteristics of your highest performing people, and allows you to compare all candidates to that profile.

  3. SENTIO guarantees to reduce your turnover, thus increasing employee retention and engagement. *Check out our blog on "Why You Should Care about Turnover!"

  4. SENTIO will free up your HR Department to handle other pressing needs! No more wasted interviews on candidates that don’t fit your company. No more wasted time thumbing through hundreds and hundreds of bad resumes.

  5. Hire your next All-Star… the first time!

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