Companies that use SENTIO typically create more than one Success Profile. Every company is unique. Likewise, every department is unique. It takes a different set of characteristics to succeed in different positions.

Do you want to analyze a line cook with a bartender Success Profile?

Do you want to analyze a back-end coder with a marketing Success Profile?

Below please find three reasons why our customers create several Success Profiles: 


After spending time and money recruiting talent, SENTIO can place that person through several Success Profiles to see where they have the highest likelihood of success within your company. 

Succession Planning

Build Success Profiles for every position at your company: entry-level, middle management, director, vp, and the c-suite. When you assess candidates, we'll give you information that you can use to predict how high someone will climb. 

Professional Development

Turnover is expensive. If you have a bottom performer in one department, you can use SENTIO to assess their likelihood of success in other departments. Oftentimes an employee is in the wrong position, not the wrong company! 

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