SENTIO was designed to analyze a diverse set of employees, whether that's an eclectic group of salespeople or a c-suite. We understand and value the importance of diversity in any workplace, and built the technology to celebrate it. 

As an example, there is great diversity on any leadership team. The VP of Human Resources and Chief Technology Officer typically have very different mental makeups. 

When you create a Success Profile for your c-suite, SENTIO emphasizes the mental makeup attributes that the top performers share and deemphasizes the traits that they do not. The team may have different interests and personalities, but what makes them a great team is the things they share: response to the company culture, core values, susceptibility to the CEO's leadership, and so much more.

To create a Success Profile, 

  1. Go to your SENTIO dashboard. 

  2. Press "Build Success Profile". 

  3. Send the SENTIO survey to your C-Suite. 

  4. Press "Send Email Invitations".

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