An MMA Report is our "Mental Makeup Analysis." SENTIO uses artificial intelligence and a science called psycholinguistics to create accurate and comprehensive assessments to help organizations build their best teams. 

An MMA includes the following: 

  1. A brief personality assessment. 

  2. Things to Look For in Professional Development. 

  3. An Organizational Comparison (When Analyzing More than One Department). 

  4. A graph that illustrates the difference between the employee's mental makeup and your Success Profile. 

  5. The SENTIO matrix that compares the employee to other employees, and the employee to the top performers in the department. 

  6. An analysis that shows the largest characteristic gaps between the employee and the Success Profile. 

A Personality Assessment: 

The personality assessment outlines the employee's needs, values, and characteristics. It briefly compares the individual's personal data to the Success Profile, provides information about their survey (i.e. time to complete and word count), and their SENTIO Score. 

An Interview Guide: 

SENTIO learns the shared and distinct characteristics of a department's top performers when creating the Success Profile. We identify a few key success factors, and suggest characteristics to help guide your future professional development goals.  These traits represent the largest gaps between the top performers and the employee. 

Career Pathing:

Here, you can compare your employee against other positions you have created. 

Success Profile vs. Employee: 

The graph shows the difference between the employee's mental makeup and the department Success Profile. 

Success Profile vs. Employee: 

SENTIO identified the differences in mental makeup between the employee and the Success Profile. The bars on the top represented the largest gaps. 

SENTIO Matrix: 

The SENTIO Success Profile that ‘scores’ all employees one through ten. It then compares the employee's score to other employees and the department's top performers. 

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