The SENTIO dashboard includes information that you can use to make better hires, increase employee engagement, and decrease turnover. 

To access the SENTIO dashboards, simply login to your SENTIO account. On the first screen you will find a list of the positions you've created. Click on a position to dive into it's dashboard. 

A few points: 

  • You can sort the information by first name, last name, email, hiring stage, or score. We designed this interface to help you assess candidates at volume. 
  • When the SENTIO score reads 1.) "PENDING", it means that the candidate has yet to complete the survey. 2.) "HAS NOT RECEIVED SURVEY", it means the candidate was added without being sent the SENTIO Survey.
  • If an individual is "lit up", they are part of your Success Profile. 
  • To access the full Mental Makeup Analyses, press "MMA Report". 
  • Employees that were used to create the Success Profile are labeled as "top performers".

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